Awareness of social results

Sport is a human right that many minors do not exert as a result of their social environment. Thus, the motivation at SIYG is not only focused on giving access to practice a sport in communities with difficult access as a way to funnel violence, but also finding together with children and adolescents, the benefit and passion that game and discipline brings. Therefore, it is vital as an organization to renew ourselves facing new challenges aligned with the commitments that Mexico acquired in the 2030 Agenda.

Collaborative projects based on a culture of peace and conflict resolution will show the value and strengths that community work provides, and among adults understand the importance of respecting girls, boys and adolescents rights. So, understanding the specific needs of each population with whom we will work is to attend the community, because at the same time that we will obtain relevant data to be able to evaluate the impact of each project, we will also continuously train community teachers on gender issues, on rights of girls, boys and adolescents, and we will also provide digital literacy clases to the community.

Alliances are essential to a greater scope and to support each other. Among our allies are public and private institutions and other foundations, with which we mainly exchange: learning, methodology, theoretical elements, services, and sponsors, being a benefit for all parties, primarily for the communities.

Community Projects

  1. Regular classes for girls, boys and adolescents

The SIYG team of educators will give lessons permanently in different centers of CDMX and the State of Mexico. Classes are taught in areas of high vulnerability and lack of recreational services, these activities are free.


  1. Classes in Mexico City prisons

In the different Mexico City prisons, male and female, we bring sports activities to people deprived of their freedom in order to provide them with a space for recreation and physical activity that can mitigate anxiety. For those who show more interest, they will be given training so that they can be certified in the basic levels of Muaythai and that this can be a job opportunity when they regain freedom.


  1. Rehabilitation of public spaces for training

The lack of adequate spaces to carry out sports activities is a reality in many neighborhoods of Mexico City. The few parks or spaces used for such activities are abandoned or used for other purposes. Rehabilitating the spaces must be a joint effort between civil society organizations, authorities and the community itself.

Through in-kind collaboration and tire recycling, we will be able to create specialized boxing and muyathai equipment at low cost.


  1. Workshops for conflict resolution

In environments where there is a lot of violence, it is essential to give young women tools to deal with conflict and adversity. These tools promote dialogue through active listening and empathy. Helping young people in this regard is a step for individuals to become peace-building citizens.


  1. Training of community multipliers

We seek that the community itself take ownership of our program, that it be managed and disseminated from within. For this, the SIYG team of educators will do a temporary job with specific members of the community so that they receive all the training and instruction, so we can generate a broader network that spreads our values.


  1. School for parents

To foster a culture of respect for human rights, we must start from home. SIYG’s intervention seeks to reach the different social life spaces of the communities in which we work. In these workshops we will talk about respect for childhood, with practical strategies to exert responsible, affective and meaningful motherhood and fatherhood.


  1. Play as a tool for living childhood

Playing games are a fundamental part of development in childhood. They are safe spaces to exert the right to recreation, while helping to promote values, physical, motor and affective capacities.


The Benefit and Passion

"From what you already have, you can look for what you need, a passion and a direction. There is a project: a one of life and those that you can carry out in community with it"

The motivation from the beginning of this organization has been to give access to sport practice to children living in poverty with significant deficiencies, where recreation and the pursuit of their passion are through play and discipline.

One of the primary needs among minors living in hard-to-reach communities is to have an adult figure to admire, who in turn not only supports them, but also recognizes them as people, as autonomous beings who they are worth, they matter and they build. For this reason, the creation of a “virtuous mirror” that falls on each instructor, where girls, boys and adolescents are reflected in them as a figure to follow and imitate, has been one of the most important achievements and satisfactions that SIYG has obtained over time.

Sport is a human right that many minors do not exercise as a result of their social environment, in which playing sport as a game or entertainment due to poverty becomes a luxury that many cannot access. Sports practice in these hard-to-reach communities has been a way either to channel violence and frustrations, or to find new ways of life and role models, and even a way to move up socially and change community environment.

Renewing ourselves is imperative for facing new challenges that are currently presented. We will seek to be aligned with the commitments that Mexico acquired in the 2030 Agenda, since these represent us a great opportunity to develop and enhance what SIYG has as its central core: to continue with projects based on a culture of peace to avoid violence at different levels, contributing to the less favored populations from sports practice, as well as finding new dynamics and purposes that need to be developed in community.


Collaborative projects

"You are the social result, yes, but from there, what do you do with what you have, with what you already are? what things can you transform?, what can you give? Nothing can be taken from you. You are the project that begins… "

The new community projects will be done in areas with similar characteristics to the previous ones: neighborhoods with difficult access and with great lack of public recreational spaces. Much of these spaces were gray, treeless, dirty, and neglected, where our students had to clean them up. They were even spaces that were usually used for unsuitable or unhealthy activities. Another of the benefits of our organization is that our groups came to give life to abandoned spaces, these were recovered by the community, being this actions another social benefit.

The complex and sometimes painful obstacles that we have encountered in our journey as an organization, there are the many existing limitations, for example: the little interest and willingness of parents or guardians to support sports activity of their minors, also conditions of violence which is added a probable drug use that make sport and game spaces unsafe or unhealthy and often this are remote or not very accessible. The value of involving the community in the activities of girls, boys and adolescents, is to show the strengths that community work offers and among adults understand the importance of respecting the rights of girls, boys and adolescents.

It is important that people from the same community join and be part of the projects so that SIYG can access community spaces and negotiate with the local population to undertake activities and actions that benefit them as a social group. For example, teachers are generally from the same community, they are people with a great vocation but who without considering it they reproduce sexist and violence interaction forms that they have learned throughout their lives, they have them so internalized that it is difficult to work a deconstruction process with them. It will be a major challenge in these upcoming projects, to find a different model and the correct multipliers, to carry out the work within the community.

In order to understand specific needs, we will first conduct a feasibility survey in the area based on the statistics already published. Once we establish the points we want and can work on, we will make visits and apply questionnaires to determine the needs that required to be addressed, if possible we will hold prior focus groups, however, the conditions of the communities in which we have worked present a great resistance to this type of practice. This is of great relevance, since being able to reach adults is to infer the treatment of minors and seek a change, because if violence within the home continues to reproduce, much of our work will be diminished.

On the other hand, teachers have a great resistance to the use of technology, either applications or any other computer tool to share the activities they carry out as part of our projects. We, as an organization, require data to measure the impact that the projects have on the community they infer, so part of the renewal of SIYG is within digital literacy and awareness of these new ways of building and creating a community.


The Community

"If creation happens when there are diverse and opposing opinions, then the conflict is an unlimited force, which undoubtedly pushes the person, motivates him to seek and appropriate itself, to the possible understanding of the other, to the change of his environment. Thus, the energy that conflict generates is action, it is the passion with which goals are achieved."

As an organization we need to take ownership of community work and have more control of what we do, observe how we can adjust to the different communities that give us access, only in this way can we understand the specific needs of each population with which we will work, while we will have relevant data to evaluate the effects of each project. Not relying exclusively on the intervention of teachers would provide us with a more objective work margin and with better results, such as achieving impact measurement in a timely and effective manner.

As important as the union of the community to work towards the same goal, SIYG is part of the global Fight for Peace alliance, which is made up of organizations dedicated to sport as a tool for social transformation. In our organization we offer a group conflict resolution methodology designed especially for us by Amir Kfir, who is a specialist on the subject. This methodology is part of NONFLICT, which is a set of strategies to address conflict as a creative force.

Another of the strengths that we have at SIYG is to provide continuous training to community teachers on issues of rights of girls, boys and adolescents. Likewise, one of the characteristics of our organization is the inclusion of gender issues as part of the institutional curriculum.

The scope that we want to have in SIYG from this renewal is to reach a child and adolescent audience so that they are the ones who own the content of the program and thus not depend on the intervention of teachers as the only way to achieve their objectives, or to find what they dream so much. Being now an NGO that is based on the digital, we need to integrate this elements of information literacy to teach and update this audience we want to reach, providing them with basic tools and computer skills with which they can make sport practice and community projects by their own.

The purpose of SIYG is to significantly reach a large number of girls, boys and young people in vulnerable situations to help them to have more tools in life, to build new communities, to be able to face adverse situations and to develop resilience. Our main objective is prevention of violence and respect for fundamental rights.



"Working together and collaboratively, is a task between allies. The search and profit is not only personal and unidirectional, it is the work and result that concerns those involved, it is satisfaction that reaches and radiates to all."

Alliances are essential in the work of any NGO, since among several we can have a greater reach and support each other in working with others. In the past, we have collaborated with various public and private institutions and other foundations, with which we exchange methodology, services, and sponsors, among other benefits. It is also necessary that we make alliances with companies to obtain financial or in-kind assistance and that, at the same time, help us improve the projection of this site. For example, with other NGOs we have exchanges of learning, methodology and theoretical elements to access financing, where we work as a network to have more scope according to the possibilities of each organization.

When we have collaboration with public sector, we contribute the work in exchange for receiving letters of cooperation or acknowledgments that help us gain credibility among other possible donors. The monitoring of authorized donees must be done with letters of accreditation, the documents that Tributarie Services Agency (SAT) best receive are those from public bodies. As for the participation with private initiative, the exchange is that we as NGOs give them a presence as socially responsible companies, at the same time that we can acquire benefits by donation in kind. The alliance and collaboration between different entities, in the end, is important for those involved at a symbiotic level, since it is beneficial for all parties including the communities.

Our Alliances