Awareness of social results

Sport is a human right that many minors do not exert as a result of their social environment. Thus, the motivation at SIYG is not only focused on giving access to practice a sport in communities with difficult access as a way to funnel violence, but also finding together with children and adolescents, the benefit and passion that game and discipline brings. Therefore, it is vital as an organization to renew ourselves facing new challenges aligned with the commitments that Mexico acquired in the 2030 Agenda.

Collaborative projects based on a culture of peace and conflict resolution will show the value and strengths that community work provides, and among adults understand the importance of respecting girls, boys and adolescents rights. So, understanding the specific needs of each population with whom we will work is to attend the community, because at the same time that we will obtain relevant data to be able to evaluate the impact of each project, we will also continuously train community teachers on gender issues, on rights of girls, boys and adolescents, and we will also provide digital literacy clases to the community.

Alliances are essential to a greater scope and to support each other. Among our allies are public and private institutions and other foundations, with which we mainly exchange: learning, methodology, theoretical elements, services, and sponsors, being a benefit for all parties, primarily for the communities.

Community Projects

  1. Regular classes for girls, boys and adolescents

The SIYG team of educators will give lessons permanently in different centers of Mexico City and the State of Mexico. Classes are taught in areas of high vulnerability and lack of recreational services, these activities are free.


  1. Classes in Mexico City prisons

In the different prisons of Mexico City, male and female, we bring sports activities to people deprived of their freedom in order to provide them with a space for recreation and physical activity that can mitigate anxiety. For those who show more interest, they will be given training so that they can be certified in the basic levels of Muaythai and that this can be a job opportunity when they regain freedom.


  1. Rehabilitation of public spaces for training

The lack of adequate spaces to carry out sports activities is a reality in many neighborhoods of Mexico City. The few parks or spaces used for such activities are abandoned or used for other purposes. Rehabilitating the spaces must be a joint effort between civil society organizations, authorities and the community itself.

Through in-kind collaboration and tire recycling, we will be able to create specialized boxing and muyathai equipment at low cost.


  1. Workshops for conflict resolution

In environments where there is a lot of violence, it is essential to give young women tools to deal with conflict and adversity. These tools promote dialogue through active listening and empathy. Helping young people in this regard is a step for individuals to become peace-building citizens.


  1. Training of community multipliers

We seek that the community itself take ownership of our program, that it be managed and disseminated from within. For this, the SIYG team of educators will do a temporary job with specific members of the community so that they receive all the training and instruction, so we can generate a broader network that spreads our values.


  1. School for parents

To foster a culture of respect for human rights, we must start from home. SIYG’s intervention seeks to reach the different social life spaces of the communities in which we work. In these workshops we will talk about respect for childhood, with practical strategies to exert responsible, affective and meaningful motherhood and fatherhood.


  1. Play as a tool for living childhood

Playing games are a fundamental part of development in childhood. They are safe spaces to exert the right to recreation, while helping to promote values, physical, motor and affective capacities.