"Working together and collaboratively, is a task between allies. The search and profit is not only personal and unidirectional, it is the work and result that concerns those involved, it is satisfaction that reaches and radiates to all"

Alliances are essential in the work of any NGO, since among several we can have a greater reach and support each other in working with others. In the past, we have collaborated with various public and private institutions and other foundations, with which we exchange methodology, services, and sponsors, among other benefits. It is also necessary that we make alliances with companies to obtain financial or in-kind assistance and that, at the same time, help us improve the projection of this site. For example, with other NGOs we have exchanges of learning, methodology and theoretical elements to access financing, where we work as a network to have more scope according to the possibilities of each organization.

When we have collaboration with public sector, we contribute the work in exchange for receiving letters of cooperation or acknowledgments that help us gain credibility among other possible donors. The monitoring of authorized donees must be done with letters of accreditation, the documents that Tributarie Services Agency (SAT) best receive are those from public bodies. As for the participation with private initiative, the exchange is that we as NGOs give them a presence as socially responsible companies, at the same time that we can acquire benefits by donation in kind. The alliance and collaboration between different entities, in the end, is important for those involved at a symbiotic level, since it is beneficial for all parties including the communities.

Our Alliances