The Benefit and Passion

"From what you already have, you can look for what you need, a passion and a direction. There is a project: a one of life and those that you can carry out in community with it"

The motivation from the beginning of this organization has been to give access to sport practice to children living in poverty with significant deficiencies, where recreation and the pursuit of their passion are through play and discipline.

One of the primary needs among minors living in hard-to-reach communities is to have an adult figure to admire, who in turn not only supports them, but also recognizes them as people, as autonomous beings who they are worth, they matter and they build. For this reason, the creation of a “virtuous mirror” that falls on each instructor, where girls, boys and adolescents are reflected in them as a figure to follow and imitate, has been one of the most important achievements and satisfactions that SIYG has obtained over time.

Sport is a human right that many minors do not exercise as a result of their social environment, in which playing sport as a game or entertainment due to poverty becomes a luxury that many cannot access. Sports practice in these hard-to-reach communities has been a way either to channel violence and frustrations, or to find new ways of life and role models, and even a way to move up socially and change community environment.

Renewing ourselves is imperative for facing new challenges that are currently presented. We will seek to be aligned with the commitments that Mexico acquired in the 2030 Agenda, since these represent us a great opportunity to develop and enhance what SIYG has as its central core: to continue with projects based on a culture of peace to avoid violence at different levels, contributing to the less favored populations from sports practice, as well as finding new dynamics and purposes that need to be developed in community.