The Community

"If creation happens when there are diverse and opposing opinions, then the conflict is an unlimited force, which undoubtedly pushes the person, motivates him to seek and appropriate itself, to the possible understanding of the other, to the change of his environment. Thus, the energy that conflict generates is action, it is the passion with which goals are achieved."

As an organization we need to take ownership of community work and have more control of what we do, observe how we can adjust to the different communities that give us access, only in this way can we understand the specific needs of each population with which we will work, while we will have relevant data to evaluate the effects of each project. Not relying exclusively on the intervention of teachers would provide us with a more objective work margin and with better results, such as achieving impact measurement in a timely and effective manner.

As important as the union of the community to work towards the same goal, SIYG is part of the global Fight for Peace alliance, which is made up of organizations dedicated to sport as a tool for social transformation. In our organization we offer a group conflict resolution methodology designed especially for us by Amir Kfir, who is a specialist on the subject. This methodology is part of NONFLICT, which is a set of strategies to address conflict as a creative force.

Another of the strengths that we have at SIYG is to provide continuous training to community teachers on issues of rights of girls, boys and adolescents. Likewise, one of the characteristics of our organization is the inclusion of gender issues as part of the institutional curriculum.

The scope that we want to have in SIYG from this renewal is to reach a child and adolescent audience so that they are the ones who own the content of the program and thus not depend on the intervention of teachers as the only way to achieve their objectives, or to find what they dream so much. Being now an NGO that is based on the digital, we need to integrate this elements of information literacy to teach and update this audience we want to reach, providing them with basic tools and computer skills with which they can make sport practice and community projects by their own.

The purpose of SIYG is to significantly reach a large number of girls, boys and young people in vulnerable situations to help them to have more tools in life, to build new communities, to be able to face adverse situations and to develop resilience. Our main objective is prevention of violence and respect for fundamental rights.