Appropriate oneself

"Your body is the result of the constant interval happening and it is built between life experiences. Your body is always the opportunity for a new starting point."

The only practice of sport is not enough to understand and internalize the approach of non-violence as a way of life, since attitudes and behaviors learned in a community way are experienced daily by girls and boys, and therefore they replicate violent attitudes in sports activity spaces.

Our organization seeks to work especially with girls and boys because from an early age they are more receptive to new behavior models, with which it is possible for them to share and assume spaces in equittative way as a team, where sexist stereotypes will stop being replicated, for example, that a girl cannot box, or that she cannot practice Muaythai “because it is a sport only for boys”. For this reason, working with gender perspective is essential in these communities to generate a culture of peace, equity and respect for women.

Sport is Your Gang Mexico at sporting level is the same as other organizations, but the big difference that we make is in the training given to the teachers who are part of our program, since we work together so that they recognize models of violence and do not replicate them. In addition, the teachers prepare themselves so that at the end of each sports session, they lead and be part of a dynamic called ‘Forum’, a methodology specially designed for SIYG by Dr. Amir Kfir, which is used for group conflict resolution, where team members create a space of trust and together build community.

This methodology is part of NONFLICT strategies with which the conflict is approached as a transforming force, so from empathy and active listening, each of the participants can visualize themselves, the other and the group from a same situation, and together in diversity of opinions seek, create, and find different answers.