Strengthen the capacities of children and young people in Mexico using Muaythai as a tool to develop values and skills in order to prevent and face violence, crime, addictions, teenage pregnancy and school dropouts.



All children and young people in Mexico exert their human right to sport and to a comprehensive training that allows them to be resilient, healthy, productive and happy adults, who contribute positively to their community and society.



  1. Sport is a human right to which all children and young people must have access, regardless of their physical and psychosocial capacities or limitations.
  2. Sport transforms: it allows children and young people to prevent and confront violence, insecurity, crime and the lack of motivation for studying from a perspective for develop a life project that they are passionate about.
  3. Children and young people need positive references to admire.
  4. We are a virtuous mirror in which children and young people can see a positive image of themselves.
  5. There are mothers and fathers who are concerned and seek opportunities to raise their children.
  6. When children and young people feel proud of being part of a formative sport group, they grow healthier.
  7. The ethical principles promoted by sports can heal wounds generated by discrimination and social exclusion.
  8. For a child or a young person develop in healthy way, family participation and from entire community is needed.